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Professional Learning Opportunities/Conferences

Visit this page regularly for upcoming events. Opportunities for professional learning will be added to the list below as they are reviewed. Submit an event for review.

Real World Labour Market Challenges Project
Date: February 02, 2022 - June 05, 2022
Location: Asynchronous
Web site:

The Real World Labour Market Challenge is an exciting project-based learning opportunity for any
high school educator and classes. Supported by the Canadian Career Development Foundation
and the Government of New Brunswick, teachers can take advantage of project funding, ongoing
support from industry leaders, professional development modules, a community of practice, and
custom-built lesson plans for any high school subject.

Learn more and register on the website.

Ocean Health: Pollutions & Solutions 1 hour Workshop (Grades 5-8)
Date: February 21, 2022 - June 03, 2022
Location: interactive, engaging and enquiry-based virtual presentation via Kahoot! and Zoom
Web site:

Would your students like to learn about Ocean health
and how they can make a difference?
The Salish Sea Research and Education Society has partnered with Tru Earth, a Port Moody, BC.
Based leading eco-friendly household product company committed to eradicate plastic from
landfills and oceans, to deliver this one-hour online workshop free-of-charge.
-Students learn to identify themselves as consumers and the negative impact this can have on the
-Students identify themselves as environmental stewards who can reduce water pollution.
-Students observe how they could influence others in environmental action.
-Students learn about the importance of the ocean, the impact of water pollutants, and build
connections to their personal lives.
Please contact Deb Laidler to register at

Integrative Teaching Using Muscle Wire
Date: May 28, 2022
Location: Multipurpose Centre in Alma, NB
Web site:

Rob Gorbet is the presenter for this hands-on High School Council Institute.

It has become clear that designing solutions to the important problems that face humanity will
require training the next generation of problem-solvers to think effectively without regard to
disciplinary boundaries. Education at all levels needs to be less siloed, and prepare students to see
connections where they haven't before.

Teachers will use simple kits to explore creative representation of phenomena from the Arts and
Sciences. We'll make and share our creations, while learning about shape memory alloys and
talking about creativity, collaboration and integrative teaching. Participating teachers will receive
muscle wire level kits to use in their classroom.

To register email Laura Lamey.

Limited to 20 participants

ASM Teachers Camp
Date: July 11, 2022 - July 15, 2022
Location: Hamilton, ON
Web site:

The ASM Materials Camp for Teachers is a 5-day workshop, combining innovative classroom
instruction and laboratory experiences. The workshop is free, include accommodation, parking
and meals. It is designed to help you encourage your students to pursue careers and post
secondary education in engineering, science, and technology and engage your students with
hands on science experiments.

Developing Successful Schools
Date: July 05, 2022 - July 08, 2022
Location: Mount Allison University, Sackville NB

This year's presenters are James Nottingham and Dr. Carmen Bergmann. During this leadership
retreat, your facilitators will help you identify the key aspects of an outstanding learning culture,
according to research and best international practice. This will include what you need your staff to
know, believe, and do in terms of

- Ensuring your students use feedback brilliantly
- Improving your studentsí attitudes and approaches towards challenge
- Stoking curiosity and engagement in all classes
- Building collective and self-efficacy
- Strengthening social and emotional learning
- Deepening learning so that students build robust and relevant attitudes, skills and knowledge

James and Carmen will encourage participants to develop a clear vision for their learning culture
and will then guide their thinking and planning to make that vision a reality. They will share various
frameworks and strategies that can be used to create clarity and build leadership capacity.

Contact Tina Estabrooks at NBTA for more information on registration.

Summer French Language Learning Opportunities
Date: May 06, 2022 - August 26, 2022
Location: Various and online
Web site:

L'equipe des services Linguistique is pleased to provide employees in the anglophone school
districts with opportunities to improve their French language proficiency during the summer of
There are a variety of FSL offerings in different formats online, hybrid, independent and in person.
Each has a different focus or target audience. Application for these opportunities to improve
French language learning are open to all FSL teachers, supply teachers, students teachers, and
other interested staff. In order to verify acceptance for summer planning, the deadline for
applications is May 6th. Click on the form to register.

Date: August 02, 2022 - August 05, 2022
Location: StFX University Antigonish N.S.

Conference on New Techniques and Classroom Teaching

An all-inclusive professional learning opportunity for Atlantic Canada teachers. Each of the Atlantic provinces' teacher associations contributes to making this a great conference.

This year's theme is "Take 2 - Teachers Reflecting from Learning and Growth." NBTA's contributions this year is a session on Outdoor Education from Deer Island Community School teacher Brent Anderson.

NBTA has 30 seats for this conference. Contact Darla Anderson or Dawn Beckingham to register.